Arba’een for iPad

App Arbaeen for iPadThis application is highly recommended to be owned and learnt by each one of us who are keen to know more about the principles and foundation in the religion of Islam. This application includes the infamous 40 Hadiths Al-Arba’een An Nawawiyah, and also 8 hadiths from Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali. Each hadith is supplemented by some virtues and essential descriptions.

There have been around 13 scholars who wrote 40 hadiths, the first one was done by Abdullah Bin Mubarak, and the last one was written by Abu Bakr Al Baihaqi. Some wrote 40 hadiths about aqeedah, fiqh, while others wrote about performing jihad, good manners and form (Al-Adab), and some collected hadiths about manners in speaking.

Some scholars who collected 40 hadiths are Imaam Yahya bin Syaraf An Nawawi, which (his creation) has been wellknown as Al Arba’een An Nawawiyah. The 40 hadiths that he collected is considered as Jawami’ul Kalim – The Sayings of The Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam which are simple yet meaningful -, which includes the main principles in the religion and worldly affairs.

Some Scholars said that the scope of Islam is covered in the collection of 40 Hadiths by An Nawawi. Therefore, it is compulsory for everyone who is willing to gain happiness in the afterlife, to learn these hadiths, this is because the content (of the hadiths) is very important and encompasses principles in every devotion to Allah.

There are 42 hadiths that were collected by Imaam An Nawawi in this book. However, it is often said as 40 hadiths to make it even. Several distinctions that Al Arba’een An Nawawiyah have are:

  1. It is one of the creations that is well received by people, very famous, and many people give a lot of attention to the book.
  2. This collection of the hadiths covers several essential principles which have many brances in every problem/issue.
  3. This creation is a book that is highly suggested to be learnt by the beginners (learners) in the topic of hadith.
  4. Ibn Rajab complemented this collection (the hadiths of An Nawawi) by adding 8 hadiths, therefore there are 50 hadiths in total. Afterwards, the 50 hadiths were given further explanation and (he) turned it to a book titled Jami’ Al Ulum wa Al Hikam (The Collection of The Wise Sayings and The Virtues)

In order to enrich and complete the benefits from their creation (the scholars), this application is accompanied by the virtues and important lessons in each hadith, of which that we have concluded from the hadiths itself and several explanations from the scholars. Therefore everyone who wants to learn about Islam, either from the Moslem or even non Moslem society will be able to easily review the important principles in this religion (Islam) through this application.

Some features that are available in this application are:

  1. Audio Recitation.
  2. The virtues and explanation for each hadith.
  3. Translation for each hadith and its explanation in two languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  4. Search Engine.
  5. User Friendly Navigator.
  6. Landscape and Portrait mode.

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